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  • 100% Commission
    $395 per transaction
  • 90% Commission
    $395 per transaction

ExecuHome Career Capping

100% Commission | No Monthly Fees Forever

When you complete 100 sales transactions with ExecuHome, you attain “ExecuHome Elite Status”
At this milestone, you receive 100% of your commissions for the remainder of your career, with NO monthly fees.

The ExecuHome Mission

Since 2005, our mission at ExecuHome has remained crystal clear: we’re dedicated to empowering our agents with fairness, affordability, flexibility, and common sense.

Agent-Centric Philosophy

Our “Agent First” philosophy is at the core of everything we do. We offer fair commission structures and provide a platform of fee-free tools and services designed to elevate your career.

Total Autonomy

We trust our representatives to manage their careers on their terms. At ExecuHome, you’ll have the liberty to negotiate freely with clients and establish commission fees and rates that resonate with your vision, without being constrained by mandated rates from the brokerage. Our primary focus is to bolster and support our representatives, never to hinder their progress.

Work Your Way

Whether you’re all about the digital age or prefer a more traditional approach, our systems are designed to support your work efficiently, no matter where or when you choose to work.

Unparalleled Support

Our seasoned agent support team is dedicated to addressing your concerns and questions with speed and efficiency. When you work, we work, ensuring you have the resources you need, when you need them.

Now is the time to make ExecuHome your home!

Proudly Licensed In
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, And Washington, DC

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Execuhome Realty - Pennsylvania
Execuhome Realty - Delaware
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The ExecuHome Advantage

At ExecuHome, we’re committed to simplifying your real estate career. Our focused approach ensures that your transactions are processed swiftly, your questions are answered promptly, and any transaction-related issues are expertly resolved. Most importantly, we ensure you get paid promptly upon transaction completion.

When you choose ExecuHome Realty, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Real Estate Tools: Access all the essential tools for real estate success, from digital forms to showing management, file processing, and digital signatures.
  • Supportive Broker and Managers: We’re here to support, not compete with you.
  • Lead Capture: Listing agents enjoy a 100% lead capture on their listings.
  • Swift Commissions: Get your commissions paid directly at settlement or within 48 hours.
  • Marketing Freedom: Enjoy the flexibility to craft your own brand identity.
  • Fee Transparency: Say goodbye to franchise or hidden fees.
  • Branch and Team Opportunities: Experienced agents have the opportunity to open their own branch or team location.

Choose ExecuHome for a streamlined, straightforward, and uncomplicated real estate experience. We succeed by focusing on your success.


  • I was licensed in 2003. I joined Execuhome in 2008. Prior to joining I was rethinking my real estate career. My brokers prior were taking 50% of my commission, and I actually thought that was the way real estate was supposed to be. I had no idea that I could keep 100% of my commission. When I joined Execuhome my career took off, and I never looked back. I felt like family at Execuhome from day 1, and not just another agent. I have never regretted my choice of making the switch to Execuhome. Had I not made the switch I would have probably left real estate. Being able to see the rewards of my hard work is priceless. I received the support I needed at Execuhome when I wanted to give up and throw in the towel my Execuhome family has always been there keeping me motivated. Being with Execuhome has shaped my career and and molded me into a top producer. I’m forever grateful and thankful.

    Tiffany Domneys Licensed in 2003 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • I have been licensed since 2006 and worked at other brokerages. Since I came to Execuhome Realty my business has grown and”. If you’re looking to switch brokerages and looking to jump-start your Real Estate career… I highly recommend Execuhome Realty.

    David Clark Licensed in 2006 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2018
  • I joined the Execuhome family in 2008. I am convinced that the move from another brokerage was the best career move ever. The staff; Brokers and Administrators provided support that has never wavered since day 1. Creativity is encouraged as well as ideas of ways to promote my business are endless. Way to go TEAM spirit.

    Mildred Lloyd Licensed 1999 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • I researched the market place when I first got licensed in 2009 and Execuhome Realty had it all. Nice offices, 100% commission, support from the staff that genuinely cares about the agents, low fees…etc.. 10 years later and all the things that I loved about them have only only gotten better with time. In fact, so have I! With the support of the owners, managers and office staff I have become the top producing agent I am today. You wont see me with any other brokerage. Execuhome is my brokerage for life.

    Martin Tippet Licensed in 2009 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • Execuhome Realty provides the means to do what you entered this industry to do…make money for yourself…not for others. Take control of your career. I got tired of seeing a portion of my hard earned sales going to someone else and not understanding what I was getting in return. Ironically I now keep more of the money I earn and get much more support and services. Best decision.

    Stephen Lazarz Licensed in 2006 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • I have been licensed since 1981 and working with Execuhome Realty has been the best years for me. The company cares about its agents and works with us to assist in our career.

    Ida Allred Licensed in 1981 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2018
  • Execuhome Realty gives me amazing Broker support, the freedom to run your business the way you want, great lead generating and transaction management tools and most importantly unmatched Broker splits. Joining Execuhome was a no-brainer for me.

    Todd Rettkowski Licensed in 2006 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • I joined ExecuHome Realty in February 2010, and it has been the best decision I have ever made from a career perspective. Our Broker and his staff take great care of us daily. If you need anything they are all ready and able to assist us. Nick, our broker, makes sure his phone is available for any issues we may have while in the field working and helps us get them resolved swiftly. After I made over 100 sales, I was sat down to let me know how much I was appreciated and was informed that I pay no more fees !! What Broker out here would do something so amazing and bless us like this!! I can now use the money that I would have paid in fees to get more clients!! Thank you Nick, Ed, and all of the ExecuHome Realty Staff for all you do for us and helping us to continue to be Super Star Agents!

    Candis Carr Licensed in 2007 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • ExecuHome Realty provides a comfortable yet competitive atmosphere for their Realtors to succeed in the world of Real Estate. I find the technology, tools, and leadership to be innovative, and forward thinking. The Broker is knowledgeable, available when needed, as hands-on/off as you want him to be. The managers and office staff are extremely supportive – both professionally and personally. Overall, ExecuHome Realty is an excellent company in which to pursue a Real Estate career.

    Shelley Gregory Licensed in 2005 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017
  • I’ve been licensed since 2008 and I can honestly say that ExecuHome Realty has changed my career and life for the better. I’ve been licensed under 2 other brokerages in the past and ExecuHome is my home. Since coming here, my business has increased immensely. I have learned (and continue to learn) the skills I need to become the best agent and business owner I can be. Our Brokers, Nick & Ed, are incredible! Having a Broker that actually cares, not only about your business but about you as a person, makes the world of difference. I will never switch companies again. I would suggest that any agent, who wants to increase their business, come to ExecuHome Realty and see the difference.

    Rebecca Ravera Licensed in 2008 - ExecuHome Elite Agent 2017

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